Thematic scope

1. Contemporary theoretical conceptions of spatial economy and their role in practical activity.

2. Directions and methods of research in spatial economy.

3. Present-day problems of development (including spatial development) of urban areas (cities - agglomerations - metropolises).

4. Legal aspects of physical planning.

5. Modelling of urban and regional development and its use in the practice of physical planning.

6. Spatial and environmental conflicts in spatial economy.

7. Social problems in physical planning.

8. Social participation as a way of involving a local community in the planning of development.

9. Role of co-operation and partnership in spatial economy.

10. Management of urban and regional development: main problems and challenges, new tendencies.

11. Local, regional and national planning: relations and interrelations among the various management levels.

12. Monitoring and evaluation of local and regional development.

13. Chief challenges facing the financing of urban development at a time of a global economic slowdown.